Heliocol World Premier Solar Pool Heater DIY Kit Advanced High-Wind Mounting

When it comes to choosing a brand that’s the right fit for your home, Heliocol is a name you can depend on. With a proven track record of more than 40 years, Heliocol is known to be one of the most efficient, reliable and durable solar pool heating panels available. An innovative engineering approach has produced unique design features that ease the installation process, while also significantly increasing heating performance. Robust materials and manufacturing techniques come together to produce a product that will stand the test of time and weather elements to give you the best return on investment. Reduces wind-lift stress even in high-wind environments, eliminating the need for tie down strap. Allows natural occurring thermal expansion and contraction. Roof friendly installation requires less penetrations. Protects your roof from rain rot by allowing rapid moisture evaporation. Mounting sled braces support the individual tubes, maintaining alignment while preventing abrasion to the panel and roof as thermal expansion and contraction occurs. Overmolded design fuses together the header and individual riser tubes to form a solid one-piece composition eliminating cracks and welds that can fail over time. Each individual tube opens directly into the header, increasing flow and virtually eliminating back pressure reducing wear and tear on your pump. Unique patented panel clamp connection design eliminates the need for traditional rubber hose connections that deteriorate over time requiring maintenance and replacement. Proven track record of being the best connection type in the industry achieving a virtually maintenance free solution. Low-profile clamping connections drastically improve aesthetics, producing a cleaner, more attractive appearance. Gator clamp top and bottom header mounting brackets secure panels while still allowing natural thermal expansion and contraction to occur without stress. Eliminates the need for wind strap, reducing roof penetrations and easing installation. Comprehensive 12-year full / lifetime limited coverage. NSF-50: Ensures the safety and performance of its products when used for public pools, spas, and recreational water facilities. ISO 9001: Quality Management Standards. ISO 14001: Environmental protection by the International Organization for Standardization. SRCC OG-400: The most current standard; this certification is a mark of quality, safety, durability and proper integration with pool designs and plumbing systems. EACH DIY KIT INCLUDES EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO. Install the selected number of solar panels in a single row. Mount each solar panel to your preferred installation surface (roof or rack). Make water connections to and from each panel. Make water connections to the systems’ supply and return plumbing lines. The pipe adapters connecting the system piping to the panels are high temperate CPVC. Contains the parts necessary to aid in gravity drainage of the panels and piping. The Following Components are Included in Each DIY Kit. Contains the parts necessary for installing a solar pool panel to a supporting surface and making water connections from one panel to another. One (1) panel kit is included for each solar panel. Each panel kit contains. (2) Gator Clamp, Top Header (Short). (2) Gator Clamp, Lower Header (Long). (2) PPC, Panel Clamp Assembly. (8) Gator Clamp Screw. Contains the parts necessary for making water connections from a row of solar pool heating panels to the systems supply and return plumbing lines. One (1) row kit is included for each system. Each row kit contains. (2) Pipe Connector, CPVC. Vacuum Relief Valve Attachment Set. One (1) set is included for each system. Each vacuum relief valve attachment set contains. (1) Vacuum Relief Valve, 3/4 MPT. (1) Reducer Bushing, Spigot X FPT, 2″ X 0.75″. (1) PVC Pipe Fitting, Tee, Slip X Slip X Slip, White, 2. Manual Temperature Control Kit. Contains the valve’s necessary for manual temperature control of your solar pool heating system. A 3-port diverter valve is manually adjusted to turn solar on and off. Two isolation valves are used to completely shut off solar for maintenance and winterization (prevents water from entering the solar panels). The check valve is used to prevent water from flowing backwards through your pump & filter. Includes premium Pentair lube-free valve’s, 2? Each manual temperature control plumbing kit contains. (1) Pentair 3-Port Solar Valve w/ Drain Down, CPVC, 2? (1) Pentair 2-Port Check Valve, CPVC, 2? (2) Pentair 2-Port Isolation Valve, Positive Seal, CPVC, 2? WHAT SIZE SYSTEM DO I NEED? The most relevant aspect of sizing a system is based on the square footage of your pool. We typically recommend matching anywhere from 50%-100% of your pools total surface area to solar collector coverage (solar panels). For example, if your pool is 500 square feet, then 50% solar coverage equals 250 square feet of solar panels, 75% solar coverage equals 375 square feet of solar panels, etc. From this point, you’ll want to look at selecting a panel size that fits your installation area. For a Complete Breakdown on. HOW TO SELECT & SIZE THE RIGHT SOLAR POOL HEATING SYSTEM. See our sizing help page. [SIZING GUIDE] How Many Panels?